Natural Remedies

Use natural treatments, remedies for every problem that you face.The nature is a garden which gives us everything we need, we just have to ask permission and take everything that helps us. Natural treatments means longevity, means health and beauty – outside and inside.

Beware "a little of everything" – Combination Supplements

What they are Supplements for high cholesterol that contain many different ingredients. Examples: Cholesterol Metabolism Factors (Michael’s Naturopathic Programs) and Nutri-Chol-less (Biochem). What research shows Think twice before taking these, experts say. “No one knows if these combinations of ingredients are safe because there hasn’t been adequate testing,” says Dr. Anderson. (Even if they are …

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Menopause remedies

Why Japanese Women are Cooler Than You Since menopause hit you’re one hot mama, throwing off enough thermal energy to defrost a refrigerator faster than a 1000 watt blow dryer. But if recurrent hot flashes aren’t your idea of a fulfilling midlife hobby (refrigerator maintenance aside), it may be time to convert your savings to …

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Rice bran bargain – EvolvE (Bionutrics)

What it is Clearesterol (the active ingredient) is the manufacturer’s name for tocotri-enols extracted from rice bran. Tocotrienols are a special form of vitamin E that acts as an HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor, damping cholesterol production. (Alpha-tocopherol, the form of vitamin E in vitamin E supplements, has no effect on cholesterol levels.) What research shows An …

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