Natural Remedies

Use natural treatments, remedies for every problem that you face.The nature is a garden which gives us everything we need, we just have to ask permission and take everything that helps us. Natural treatments means longevity, means health and beauty – outside and inside.

Herbs for frequent disorders (1)

For centuries, the use of medicinal plants was an enterprise based more on tradition, on the experience transmitted from generation to generation and on personal observations of the healears. The situation was radically changed until recent decades, when several laboratory studies have started to acknowledge (sometimes to refute) the therapeutic value of old remedies. The …

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Herbs For Digestion 1

Herbs For Digestion

All of us can relate to experiencing some kind of discomfort after eating something that did not agree with our stomach. To varying degrees we all deal with indigestion. For some it’s occasional, for others its on a more regular basis. Many people are able to find relief through the use of herbs, and this …

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Cutting out cholesterol

If you’re concerned about cholesterol, you probably already know the basics: a healthy low-fat diet that goes easy on the butter, well-marbled steaks and chocolate chip cookies. But there’s more to controlling your cholesterol than memorizing long lists of forbidden foods. If you’re tired of being told about all the things you shouldn’t eat, maybe …

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Treating heat rashes

I get heat rashes on my face and neck, and was wondering if you could tell me about anything that would help in calming or preventing the breakouts. It occurs when I get nervous, when I laugh really hard, or if I feel ill. My sisters and mother do the exact same thing. Any suggestions? …

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