Nothing is simple

Nothing is simple. Everything is interconnected. Do I like strawberries? Only if they’ve been sun ripened, organically or biodynamically grown and are the right variety for that area (warm climate strawberries like Red Gauntlet are tasteless in cooler climates) and not if they’re imported because I think it’s immoral to import strawberries, soft fragile little things are so easy to grow in a backyard.

Nothing is simple. Everything is interconnected

Nothing is simple. Everything is interconnected

Importing foodstuffs is one of those global trade insanities that mean more resources are employed shifting food from one part of the world to another, not growing it; using irreplaceable resources like fossil fuels to transport food grown in Third World nations to the First World where there are wealthy people who can afford it or manufacturing the fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides needed so that food can be stored indefinitely while it’s hauled around the world, or sold in soulless stores to people who spend far more time earning the money to buy the food plus wandering round the supermarket plus transporting the food back to their homes plus disposing of the packaging the food came in than it would take to actually grow and harvest that food in the first place . . .

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