Parasites – Unwanted Guests – Natural Treatments to Get Rid of

What exactly is a Parasite? This creature is a life form that lives off another life form to its own benefit and to the host’s (the animal or human body infected by the parasite) detriment. In the West, parasites are most often thought to be a problem of Third World Countries. The parasite problem however, extends far beyond the boundaries of the poorer countries. In fact, parasites can affect anybody in the world. For instance, a person living in America will have- at the very least, some small percentage of parasites during their lifetime.

natural treatment for parasites

What exactly is a Parasite? This creature is a life form that lives off another life form to its own benefit and to the host’s (the animal or human body infected by the parasite) detriment. The best way to avoid contracting parasites in your body is to remove the toxic molds, metals and chemicals from our food and body products. This can include removing any metal dental work from your mouth and any meat from your diet.

Parasites are transmitted most commonly in food and water. Many harmful ones are carried in animals and are of course then present in the meat, but vegetarians still have to be careful- they too can get parasites.

“There are many parasites that contaminate green leafy vegetables and other plant foods. In addition, many of the most commonly transmitted parasites are water borne.”

There are 180 species of parasites

Here are some more common ones to look out for:

Tapeworms: fish tapeworm, beef tapeworm, and pork tapeworm. Obtained from eating raw or undercooked, infected meat. The adult worms can reach a length of more than 15 feet.

Flatworms (Flukes): Found in human livers and intestines, sheep liver, and cow liver, this dangerous parasite is very often present in cases of cancer, HIV, Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s Disease, endometriosis and in many people without disease.

Red worms: They look just like earthworms. They exude from the colon wrapped in balls that can reach up to 6 inches in length. White worms: They come in all sizes from tiny worms to those that look like spaghetti.

Inch worms: Are thick, black and bumpy (about 2 inches long). Pinworms: They are tiny (about ¾ inches long) but are thicker than white worms.

Black worms: Anywhere from1 to 12 inches in length and nest impacted in the colon wall.

Hookworms: Curved about 6 inches long, grip the intestinal wall and suck blood. Their infestation is as high as 50% worldwide.

“Little Fish”: About ½ inch long, are parasites with heads and tails that swim out of the colon in schools.

Threadworms: Are thin as a thread and often come out by the hundreds.

“Spiders”: Look like a spider and are often about 1 inch long.

These parasites are not the most pleasant things to have in your body, some common symptoms are:

  • itching of the body, nose, ears, or anus (rectum)
  • dark circles under or around the eyes
  • a deep cough (with children, especially at night)
  • excess mucus production (upper respiratory)
  • skin lesions
  • lack of energy
  • anemia
  • lack of concentration
  • gas
  • pain around naval area
  • chronically ill
  • constipation
  • forgetfulness
  • slow reflexes
  • loss of appetite
  • men – sexual dysfunction
  • women-problems with their menstrual cycle
  • heart pain
  • burning sensations in the stomach
  • presence of eggs in one’s stool.

Parasites are transmitted most commonly in food and water.

How Do I Get Rid of These Suckers?

The best way for your body to rid itself of parasites is not with antibiotic or antiviral drugs- but by doing a cleanse, or using natural herbal supplements.

Natural Solutions for parasites

natural treatment for parasites

These solutions may seem strange to you, but they gave good results for those who tried them:

  • Black walnut tincture destroy intestinal worms. Take it 3 times a day half an hour before eating. A mixture of cloves, wormwood and black walnut tincture will give better results (not recommended for pregnant women!).
  • Tincture of gentian root, taken 3 times a day is an excellent remedy against intestinal worms.
  • Drink aloe vera juice 1-2 times daily before meals to prevent recurrence of infection.
  • Take multivitamin high in B vitamins
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract (20 drops diluted in water, 3 times daily) is an excellent natural remedy.
  • Eat plenty of onions, leafy dark green and salads.
  • Pumpkin seeds are a  highly effective treatment against intestinal parasites, helping to treat Giardia, tapeworms and pinworms. 1.2 kg of minced seeds and then mix it with 100 ml of milk and 0.5 kg of honey. Divide the amount obtained in three equal parts and drink each part every hour. Then, after other 3 hours, take 3 tablespoons of castor oil. Warning, do not eat anything 12 hours before this treatment!
  • Give up sweets, pasteurized milk and processed food . These are what worms like to get.
  • Raw rice is a powerful detoxifying. Take 4 tablespoons each morning full of raw rice soaked in water for an hour. The rice is swallowed or chewed.
  • Drink senna tea to eliminate parasites .
  • One of the best herbs with powerful anthelmintic properties is lavander. Use lavender oil , taken internally with honey – 5 drops 2 times per day for adults ( children shrinks dose !) are cures for 10 days with another 10 day break .
  • To eliminate pinworms prepare 0.5 liters of  wormwood , mint and anise tea (equal parts of each plant). Sweeten tea with honey or fruit juice and drink a cup before breakfast , then another one cup 2-3 times during the day , before eating . This treatment should be followed for 7 days . Repeat after a break of 14 days.
  • Zinc oxide cream used in the anal region helps alleviate discomfort.
  • Onion juice will get rid of intestinal parasites . It has anti-infective qualities and powerful detoxifying , eliminating intestinal parasites and particularly stimulating kidney activity . Onion juice is very strong and therefore it should be given in small doses of 50 ml per day in combination with honey or other juices, such as carrot . Treatment to eliminate intestinal worms such as tapeworm will last at least 10 days . Preventive , children exposed to infection with intestinal parasites are receiving a dose of onion juice every 3-4 days.
  • It might seem crazy to you, but if you have parasites, try to put a few cloves of garlic in socks. As you walk, crushed garlic will be absorbed through the skin and will enter the blood, reaching the intestinal tract. Garlic is harmful to the worms, and your skin will absorb this substance with anti-parasitic properties. Of course, the consumption of raw or cooked garlic is equally useful.

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