Perform Past Your Plateau

I used to weigh 230 pounds, but I’ve gotten down to 160 with exercise and eating right. I want to lose more, but I’ve been stuck at this weight for about six weeks. Can you help?

Congratulations! That’s quite an accomplishment!

Don’t get discouraged. Hitting plateaus are often part of weight loss. Sometimes your body simply needs time to adjust to a new weight. Other times, a plateau may signal that you need to shake things up a bit. Another possibility is that you’re now at a healthy weight – and the goal weight that you’re trying to achieve could be unrealistic.

Hang in there for another month. If you don’t see the scale start moving, check with your doctor to determine if you’re at a healthy weight. If you do need to lose more weight, mix things up a bit. Here’s how:


  • A new aerobic exercise. When muscles become used to the same activities they burn fewer calorie.
  • Some high intensity activity. A burst of speed or tackling a hill can fuel a higher calorie burn.
  • A longer distance. If you don’t want to up the intensity of your workout, go farther to get the extra calorie burn.
  • Strength training. Dieting can cause you to lose muscle, which lowers your metabolism, making it more difficult to lose those last stubborn pounds. Lifting weights can build muscle, increase your metabolism and firm you up.
  • Portion control. The more successful you are, the easier it is to unconsciously let the amount that you’re eating increase. For a few days, measure what you’re eating to make sure you’re not getting more calories than you thought.

Good luck – and be proud of what you’ve accomplished!

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