Pizza calzone – recipe

It is a pizza folded in half like a big ravioli filled very carefully confined to the edges and baked in the oven, a little ‘farther from the heat source and for a time a little bit longer.

The classic filling may be substituted for rice, Neapolitan salami, diced (or ham or cooked in strips), mozzarella cubes and a tablespoon of fresh grated pecorino. All bound with an egg, every 500 g of stuffing. Add salt and pepper.

A less traditional filling can also be made ​​from vegetable as well as all the seals have already been proposed for the pizza, the pants are suitable to be filled with boiled vegetables and fried oil (possibly with an aroma of garlic), from Swiss chard, to chicory, to endive, to Belgian. It is possible to add hot pepper and raisins. Excellent for stuffing are also sauteed onions and soft blond, artichoke hearts into strips, mushrooms, and even spinach with raisins, pine nuts and the aroma of nutmeg.

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