Power up with a pedometer

I’m not sure my pedometer is working correctly. My walking route is perfect – up and down lots of steep hills interspersed with areas of near-level terrain – but it is not a route where I can drive my car around to check against my pedometer readings. Although I walk the same route, I get different distances. What’s going on?

There’s nothing wrong with the pedometer you have; it’s just hard to get a consistent reading when you’re going up and down hills.

Your stride length shortens and lengthens on ascents and inclines, and the pedometer merely ticks off a set stride length every time you take a step – no matter what length. If you’re following the same route, you can mitigate against this by paying attention to your time.

If you shave a few seconds off per week, for instance, you’ll know you’re doing great. Or if you prefer to go the same pace, add a little distance if you feel energized enough to do so. Good luck!

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