Prepare fried dough puffs

To prepare the dough proceed identically as described for the choux dough and use the same patience to work it properly.

Prepare fried dough puffs 1

The ingredients for the dough preparation are as follows: 180 g of flour, 30 g of butter, 1 / 4 of water, 4 eggs and 2 yolks, 1 tablespoon of granulated sugar, the grated rind of half lemon, plenty of oil (for frying), a pinch of salt.

The cream puffs are fried in hot oil at the last minute (remember that will float in the fat) a few at a time without touching them with a skimmer, but shaking the pan a little: the cream puffs will turn by themselves and will swell rapidly, and then leave them to drain on absorbent paper so that they can have a little ‘fat cooking and enjoying hot crispy.

Puffs filled

Once fried, the cream puffs are left to cool, afterthey are cooled,you make a cut in each side.
Prepare a custard with flour, sugar, eggs, butter and milk (see creams, sorbets and ice creams) and introduce a spoonful in each puff through a paper cone just popped and placed on the cut.

Pictures for how to prepare fried puffs

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