Remedy for pinworms in children

Remedy for pinworms in children

First, the cause of pinworms needs to be removed. It is easy to remove the worms, but this does not cure the disease. Do not give the children any food that has been robbed of its live-giving properties, such as, white flour products, cane sugar products, vegetables cooked in lots of water and the water thrown away, peeled potatoes, candy, cakes, ice cream, etc. Meats of all kinds. Constipation must be overcome.

The bowels must move 3 times a day, everyday. It is best to fast for 2 or 3 days, but since we are talking about children here, I suggest you give them light meals, consisting of mainly fruits and vegetables. (Which should not be eaten together at the same meal.) Have them eat raw pumpkin seeds generously. They can eat as much as a pound a day. After doing this for 2 or 3 days, have them drink freely of fennel seed tea; worms do not like this, it is sedative to them and they will pass from the body if the bowels are kept loose. Slippery elm tea taken freely will remove worms from the body and is good for the entire system. White oak bark tea used in an enema will remove pin seat worms.

An onion cut up and soaked for 12 hours in one quart of distilled water, then squeeze the juice out and take for 4 days, will kill and expel worms. It is best to take as much juice as possible, fasting while taking it.

Wild yam, tansy, wormwood, bitterrot, wormseed, American worm root, meadowsweet and hyssop are also beneficial.

Black Walnut Hull Tincture will eliminate parasites. If you have dogs or cats be sure to treat them, too. During the summer I treat all animals weekly and monthely in the winter. I personally use the mixture I make of walnut, clove and wormwood.

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