Rice pilaf recipe

Rice pilaf is a dish from theTurkish cuisine and is prepared directly in the oven with the quality Arborio rice or Carnaroli, as mentioned to be better suited to this type of cooking.

rice pilaf

In a large quantity of onion, lightly browned in butter, add the rice and allow to toast lightly, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon. Then cover with a double number of its weight of hot broth, slightly salty, and cover the pot by placing it in the oven to cook until the liquid completely absorbed (18 to 20 minutes), without mixing and without uncover . Once the rice is flavored with bits of raw butter, mix well, and the rice with the beans must be separated from each other. Serve it to garnish meat dishes, such as stews, braised meats, or boiled fish and sauces.

The pictures below illustrate the most important stages in the preparation of this typical dish – rice pilaf:

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