Rose berry helps to eliminate toxins from the body

The autumn, even winter is the appropriate period to collect the rose berry.Rose berry can have different forms: globose, ovoid, ellipsoid, which contain the real fruits called achenes, which are covered by colored yellowish hair. The fruits have a sweet and a little pungent taste. The basic component of the fruit is ascorbic acid. Much of this substance is lost through drying fruit.

The fruits are rich in vitamins such as provitamin A, B1, B2, PP, K, P, citric acid, tannins, sugars, malic acid, pectine. Sour taste is given by the high content of vitamin C, thus being used as a treatment in glands with internal secretion disorders, spleen, liver, heart; stimulates tissue breath fermentative reactions, and the process of removing blood toxins.

How can I use rose berry?

Rose berry cider is one of the variants, and prepare in the following way:

from 1 kg of dried fruits or pound of flesh dry without seed, or pound of fresh fruit, 10 l of boiled and cooled water, plus 2.8 kg sugar, 30-50 g yeast and the juice of two lemons, and leave to ferment 4-6 weeks. In the first two weeks shake the demijohn you put the cider in to ferment. When it rinse, put it in bottles and keep them in cold and dark conditions. Drink moderate quantities and it is not recommended for children due to the alcohol content.

Spruce rosehip, prepared in only 10 minutes-use 2 tablespoons of fruit per half-liter of water, and the amount you have to drink it during the whole day.

Rosehip powder of the dried pulp is prepared (pitted and the hairs) and is administered every 3-4 g per day, giving the daily requirement of vitamin C for 24 hours, has diuretic and antispasmodic action.

Rosehip syrup is prepared from fresh, 150 g of rosehip without seeds, 650 g sugar (personally I prefer honey) and 1 litre of water. Boil the mixture for half an hour after that filter.

Also, rosehip pulp can be mixed with honey bee and consumed daily in not very large quantities. Furthermore, when you are picking the fruit, you can consume fresh pulp, all substances being active.

Rose berry consumption advantage in that plants are part of no toxicity. The remedies with Rosehip are indicated in vitamin deficiency, circulatory disorders (vasodilatory action and decreases capillary permeability and fragility). Can be used for biliary disease, hepatitis, arthritis, allergies and anti-inflammatory action such as allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma.

If you can not find in the market, go on the weekend near a forest and you’ll probably find it easily. Try as they gather in areas free of pollution.

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