Rose Sugar

You must try rose sugar, it has a very different and specific taste. So you can imagine the taste of this sugar, imagine how do you feel like when you smell a rose – in that moment you already have a deja-vu of the taste.

If you want to make rose sugar, put 1 cup of  granulated sugar in the food processor, 1/2 to 1 cup of rose petals (any minced flower petals can be used but then it wouldn’t be rose sugar in that case). Process and then add the last cup of sugar and finish processing until it it smooth. Pour it into a clean glass jar, cover and let stand for a week. If necessary you can sift it. I don’t need to as I use the food processor. Make sure it is stored in the air tight container.

Rose sugar (flower sugar) is a very soft topping, sprinkled occasionally over the fruit sorbets, over the cakes, pudding, you may also add a little bit to the ice cream just for the taste. You can also add this special rose sugar in drinks, you can garnishanniversary cakes or fruit salsads.  You can sprinkle the rose sugar on a milkshake and add a mint leave, on a cappuccino or, why not, you can add it into ghee (clarified butter) when you prepare it.

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