Roseacea (skin disorder)

Q: My husband has a skin disorder called roseacea. He has been prescribed Metroget but this does not help. Is there any herbal remedy that could be of help?


The exact casue of this condition is unknown. It is believed to be viral , though it sometimes responds to antibiotics which are only effective against bacteria. The use of steroid creams can also cause the condition. The condition will sometimes dissapear on it’s own, but may come back back later. Spicy foods, alcohol, and hot beverages can aggrevate the condition.

My suggestions would be internally silica, sulfur, and vitamin C to strengthen the blood vessel walls. Herbally a good combination with these nutrients would be a mixture of chaparral, oatstraw and nettle leaf. Externally I would suggest calendula oil rubbed in to the site several times a day.

All skin diseases are caused by impure blood or infection. You need to go on a prolonged diet of fruits. Stop using meats of all kinds, do not eat between meals. Do not use cane sugar, white flour, or white flour products. Get plenty of exercise in the fresh air. Eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and well-cooked grains.

Cold towel rubs are very helpful, rubbing vigorously afterwards to increase the circulation.

Make a strong tea of red clover blossomes, using 3 or 4 tbs. to a quart of distilled boiling water, covered. Drink this tea freely in place of water. Chickweed tea may be used in the same way. If you follow these directions, the blackheads will disappear.

The following herbs are also beneficial: burdock root, yellow dock root, hysop, sanicle, blue violet, golden seal, plantain, echinacea, beech, bittersweet, buckthorn bark, elder, bloodroot, dandelion, sassafras, sarsaparilla, and spikenard. These can be taken singly, or combine 2 or more in equal parts. Take 4 cups a day, one before each meal, and one before going to bed.

A very effective external remedy , is the following; make into a tea, and bathe the effected parts. Equal parts golden seal, echinacea, yellow dock root, burdock root, witch hazel bark, mix thorougly. Use a heaping tbs. of this mixture to a pint of boiling water, steep 1/2 hour, pour of the liquid or strain, add a level tsp. boric acid: this will keep the fluid from souring. Apply a number of times a day to the effected parts.

Citrus fruits are especially beneficial in all skin troubles.

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