Sango Coral – Japanese natural medicine

In these changing times, the status of our health may suffer. A very good “medicine” comes in our help to influence the metabolism, to confer resistance to the body in the face of environmental factors.

Calcium, this white metal is vital for the human body. We find it even in drinking water, but because the percentages vary widely from one water source to another and for purifying drinking water and destroy the friendly elements, we can confidently turn to other alternatives.

Reef coral Sango-Nago, Okinawa Island, Japan

In Japan, more specific on the island of Okinawa, in the city of Nago, drinking water has the highest calcium content in the world. The explanation comes from the fact that the island is located on the coral atolls. The water is filtered through layers of coral Sango fossilized skeleton and settled along the years.

Sango Coral proved to be a great “warrior” to balance the high acidity in the body, especially given modern food (alcohol, coffee, sugar, meat, etc.). Worldwide Sango coral sand is used in contact with water which issued it contains calcium ion, treated in more than 90%..

Sango Coral contains only calcium, in addition to this trace element there are also some 73 percent of micro-nutrients in approximately equal to those of the human body. This makes the Sango coral to make miracles. Consuming a half liter of water each day in which there was released a gram of Sango coral, can balance the pH of the body and thus would not be needed for our body to draw on reserves of calcium in bones.

For those with an active life who does not take care of a balanced diet, Sango coral may help, considerably improving the functioning of body organs and maintain healthy, clean and balanced.

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