Say no to diet pills

My teenage daughter is overweight and has been trying to slim down through exercise and a healthier diet. She’s been so good about it for about two months, but she’s lost only a pound or two. She deserves to see some results! Would it be helpful for her to use diet pills along with her exercise-and-diet plan?

Your daughter should absolutely NOT consider diet pills to help her lose weight! Not only can they be dangerous, particularly without a doctor’s supervision, but they are at best a temporary solution to curb the appetite. They do nothing to teach the important lesson of weight control – namely, to develop healthful eating and exercise habits.

Losing weight through diet control and increased exercise is bound to be slow, because it’s usually a program that can become a “lifestyle” rather than a “quick-fix” weight-reduction program. Encourage your daughter to continue her good work, and to expect slow and steady progress. I’m not sure what she’s doing to make her diet healthier, but beware “fat-free” products, which often have as many or more calories as the regular versions. She should get plenty of fruits and vegetables as well, and don’t let her forget milk – preferably skim or low fat.

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