Stamp out cystitis

Q: Since I was a little girl I have had a problem with cystitis. I have to take extreme caution not to get a new outbreak. I have heard cranberry juice and Vitamin C are good, but is there something I can do or take every day to prevent it from happening? Thank You.

A: Both cranberry juice and Vitamin C are effective when taken on a daily basis in order to reduce the frequency of cystitis. They both acidify the urine which creates an unfriendly environment for bacteria to grow. In addition, one glass of cranberry juice per day (or equivalent encapsulated product) acts to prevent bacteria adhering to the bladder wall thereby preventing an infection.

There also may be foods in your diet that you are sensitive to and acting as irritants. You may want to be tested for food sensitivities. This can be done by a qualified alternative practitioner. Other preventive measures include: drinking more water, avoiding the use of diaphragms for contraception, urinating after vaginal sexual activity, and avoiding caffeine (a known irritant).

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