Sugar Substitutes

Sweet Substitutes

Sugars may be the simplest carbohydrates, but when it comes to baking, knowing which one to use gets a little complicated. Most quick breads call for either white or brown sugar. Muffins and cookies, on the other hand, often use honey and other liquid sweeteners. When the sugar jar is empty — or when you want to make the move to less processed sweeteners — here’s how to substitute liquid sweeteners in all of your favorite recipes.

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Sweeter than sugar, it can be used in smaller quantities. For every cup of white sugar, substitute 3/4 cup honey. Because honey is moist, reduce the amount of liquid in the recipe by about 1 tablespoon.
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Maple syrup

Like honey, it’s very sweet. use 3/4 cup for every cup of white sugar. it may have a higher moisture content than honey, so decrease the amount of liquid even more.


Don’t use it as a substitute for sugar. The high acid content will change the entire recipe.

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