Swimming and Sweating

Sweating cools you down by evaporating away your body’s extra heat into the air. But what if you’re under water? About sweating while swimming, is it possible to sweat while swimming?”

Well, the answer is yes, you can sweat while swimming — if you get warm enough. You sweat whenever your internal body temperature starts to rise above normal, as it always does when you exercise. A high body temperature can be dangerous — it can destroy many of the chemicals your body needs to work properly.

And that’s why we sweat — it’s the body’s best defense against overheating. Under normal conditions, the sweat evaporates, and it’s this evaporation that cools the body’s surface. Obviously, if you’re swimming, sweat can’t evaporate. But you still cool off — as long as the water’s cooler than your body temperature. Your body’s extra heat simply transfers from your skin to the water.

There’s a legend about sweating under water. A long time ago, it’s said, the oceans were filled with fresh water. Then the mythological hero Hercules swam out in search of a Great White Whale. When he found the whale, they pursued each other through all the oceans of the world. Their exertions were so great that their sweat made the waters salty.

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