Symbolic and myths about animals

Whether due to all the peoples of the imagination, be they rooted in reality, there is a flora and more neliniştitoare. For example, the striped: “if it comes to watch a man or a dog sleeping, stretching as far as e long with him and if her body exceeds the body of the fell asleep, she makes insensitive and, for it to not be able to make any bad or has a facehands off them; But if she has the same length with the fast asleep, flees. When he next comes angry toward the striped, beware to encounter with the right, because you will înspăimânta so loud that you will not resist. But if a înfruntaţi to the left, it’ll make you impotent and an easy kill. ” If no one in China, never saw heavenly stag, instead the miners have heard how they ask for help to get out from under the Earth, where the living usually … (The epithet with which was gratificat is a antifrază …) Şantajist îmbietoare făgăduieli, he makes the precious metal, and wealth neînchipuite. But the miners not to let the fool and make their debt from building the animal. Talmudic in origin, with a look, jidra, used by witches, has, after the doctor l. Lewysohn, human form. Linked to its roots through a kind of umbilical cord, the radius of which she can move, such as a pumpkin jidra increases. She is devouring everything in its field of action: plants, animals, human beings … I shall be coming with hac Gash is a blow for hoe umbilical.

Despite his appearance, says the first colonists harmless in America, cactusul-Teddy bear named teddy-bear and cactusul or jumping cholla, is no less dangerous: he is năpusteşte over the approaching too much. How about greoaia amphisbaena, Lucan describes Farsalia — among other reptiles (real or imagined) that Cato’s soldiers have faced in Africa-as a snake with two heads, one at each end; Pliny the elder stated, “as if one would not have been enough to spit venom”. Up and the Rooster must go, for ER and he belongs to the occult forces and ciudăţeniilor nature. When turns eight years old, he made an egg from which leaves a small snake, iguanul. It is preferable to burn rather this ou, for, despite his small size, iguanul turns a being resembling death in juru-i. It in antiquity, because “since the middle ages, he is a cock cvadruped and with yellow feathers on the head, with large wings and a tail of processus snake that ends with a hook or with another head of the cock” (Jorge Louis Borges). Perhaps his power comes from the devil.

Numerous animals have featured, a long time, the Bank went. There have been lawsuits of the animals until the 18th century After Jean Vartier, Switzerland had (almost) their monopoly. “Republic of Bern judicial attack the caterpillars in 1470.” Li was given a lawyer in the Office! The same procedure for the cărăbuşii of land in Porrentruy, watch the priests, and laymen. “Guillaume d ‘ Ecublens, Bishop of Laussanne from 1221 to 1229, banished by sentence tipării, the infestau Lake Leman in a particular place, where they did not dare to leave.” Nice example of obedience to the authority during the French Revolution the Episcopal was tried in even a parrot, suspect of lack of patriotism! Many were, by the way, pigs, cats, dogs, cows and, especially, goats, which had to endure their ordeal with the masters of the fire, often under the claim of bestiality, considered then the most serious crime. Church courts were all jurisdiction to pronounce punishments retreats, as well as your, curse, excommunication, against insects, rodents, caterpillars and small invertebrate predators …
Some are among the animals that seem to enjoy specifically the book of the devil. It’s about: Aries, scapegoat, Toad, yellow dog, crab, scorpion, iguan-this reptilian assigned the power to kill with just the look-and răpitoarele, in general, the spiders … If hens black used in evocări and magic diabolică, what to say of fly, under the appearance of the likes of Beelzebub to show. The Arabs made from ostrich instrument of demons, which take the form of călăresc or As bestiarului on him., a european wizards turns sometimes into the black cats. They await the right time to sneak in sheds and, with the help of the devil, cattle no longer give milk. No more remains than to cut it. Therefore individual underlying lurch and kill black cats with a blow of the fork. After demonologii and inchizitorii highlighting the plight of their victims and force confessions with le fantasme confruntau with their own, Necuratul appears under the appearance of the most diverse animals. “There, says Le Loyer Discours et histoires des the spectres, visions and apparitions (1605), the form of animal with four legs that the devil to take”.

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