Taleggio and Quartirolo Cheeses

taleggio and quartirolo cheese Production area: Val Taleggio, between Bergamo and San Pellegrino, and around the plains of Pavia (Lombardy). It is also produced in Veneto and in the valleys in general.

taleggio and quartirolo cheese

It is produced in two types: the Taleggio cooked and sweeter than the authentic soft Taleggio (contains 55% fat), and the raw Taleggio , more delicate and creamy. It is a young cheese that is produced throughout the year in the mountains and plains.

It is like a white clay and gypsum in the early days, and becomes soft and yellow with age. The difference between the Taleggio and Quartirolo cheeses is only in the boiling milk. Taleggio cheese is recognizable because it has a softer crust, which matures and which takes a slight yellow color.

The Quartirolo cheese is “ready” after 6 days, while Taleggio cheese after 30 daya. The typical Taleggio measures 19 cm square and 6 in height with a weight of 2.2 kg, but there are those who prepare smaller shapes.

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