Tame Those Food Cravings

Gotta have that Snicker’s bar? None of us are immune to cravings, but here’s how to get them under control.

Wait it out

Are you bored, tired, angry, stressed, or lonely? “You won’t find the answers in food,” says Kembel. If you find that your emotions are fueling your appetite, choose nonfood alternatives. For example, anger and frustration, which you may typically assuage with chocolate or chips, can be cooled with a brisk five minute walk.

Match your food to your mood

If you must give in to a craving, choose a low-fat food that matches how you’re feeling. If you’re angry, reach for something crunchy such as pretzels or raw veggies; if you’re feeling down, go for smooth, creamy yogurt or pudding.

Plan indulgences

Buy one serving when away from home and savor every bite. And choose the most intensely flavored version in a long-lasting form, says Kembel. If it’s chocolate, for example, choose a half ounce of gourmet chocolate, so rich that just a little does the trick. “Give the chocolate a lot of mouth play, literally letting it melt in your mouth.”

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