The animal and vegetable fats

Today there are many misconceptions about animal fats, and not all justified because, used properly, can be digested and pleasing to the taste, added to the preparation of certain dishes and some soups, vegetable species, or some fries, and for particular results even irreplaceable.

Some vegetable soups, beans, chickpeas, peas, lentils are tasty for the use of bacon, pork fat or lard, as suggested by almost all regional cuisines. Pancetta (italian bacon) and bacon are the protagonists of the most delicious pasta sauces, from the amatriciana sauce to the carbonara – excellent sauces which are obtained by simmering in a sauce of the sausages, then crumbled in the same. The sausages impregnate risottos and soups, especially in winter time.

The fat is good for cooking chopped herbs in a saucepan. The use of animal fats are many and they will report in relation to the type of fat.

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