The best butter

The good butter should have a delicate flavor and sweet aroma and an end reminiscent of the pastures. It must be soft and not grainy, it must be able to cut or reduce lamelline thin curls (properly chilled).

The butter made ​​with spring and summer milk from cows fed with fresh herbs and fat can be yellow, a color ivory also acute but is more often than white or nearly so, and you should not determine the quality of butter by its color, to meet the tastes of an audience, most of the time is artificial, made ​​with additions of coloring.

A well-worked butter should not have a water content exceeding 15%. The presence of excessive water turns to “fry” it becomes frothy foam that overflowed from the pan by cooking. The “good butter” confidently purchased in the ‘huts’ have in general a rather high quantity of water.

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