The cooking of the pasta

Due to the large difference between types of pasta you, can not give general cooking times, which are usually recommended (and I would say realistically rather than in default) by the same packaging. It is important that the water is already salted, boiled and abundant, so that when you add the pasta does not lose the boil for a few moments. Stir the dough well, for both long and short, so it does not stick, an operation to be repeated often.

The cooking of the pasta 1

Pasta is cooked when the taste has lost some significance, however, it is still quite solid for the teeth. The cooking times suggested by the packaging generally refer to the Neapolitan style of eating pasta , still a little ‘tough. For most Italians, they like it more cooked, but not too cooked. It must be cooked at the last moment and not precooked and then blanch, as is customary in some restaurants.

There is an old way to cook noodles, spaghetti and vermicelli (thin noodles). Drain them, then arrange them in a baking dish with alternate layers of tomato sauce seasoned with olive oil and spices, then go to the hot oven for 10 minutes. You sprinkle with Parmesan cheese mixed: the result is worth the test.

The cooking of fresh pasta does not differ from the dry, but the cooking time is considerably reduced. It takes 5 minutes for the noodles, noodles for 7 or 8.

Of course, cooking times vary depending on the thickness, which for the best success will be pulled at the last minute.

In vegetable soups and stews, the dough may be added in the liquid boiling. They have to boil for two minutes. It extinguishes the fire. You put the lid for a quarter of an hour and take off after.

How to make pasta and different shapes of pasta – pictures

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