The Essence of Things

‘Round ‘n round we go….where we stop nobody knows. Man is on a never-ending quest for MORE, BIGGER, BETTER.

With each passing day we find hundreds of literature on health, diet, nutrition, foods, and the like. Right when we think we’ve got it together, yet another revelation hits us: “Wait! Dr. Sure’s previous breakthrough on the vitamin O has shown adverse effects after many years of taking it by itself. Dr. New just recently discovered a better vitamin—-W!”

Like ravenous birds in a sea of sand, we rush to get anything on any new discovery that shows even a shimmer of hope for a better life. Yet, no sooner does the ink on those notes dry up than still more “discoveries” leap forth, outdating the old. Ooops! Backtrack. Re-think. Unlearn. Discard previous data to clear space for the latest “latest”. And, sure as the sun rises the next day, another Dr. Bleak will proclaim, “Yesss! THIS is IT! This has got to be THE best diet/lifestyle/natural pill of the century.”

Recall the protein myth. After it exploded to a thousand pieces, it came back together a totally different picture. The oat bran campaign that hurled its former humble prices to outer space. The same old oatmeal we always knew could’ve given the same, if not more nutrients. The milk-prevents-osteoporosis order. New discoveries flushed it down, too. Margarine instead of butter. Now it’s curse margarine, butter’s better. The Big 4 food groups used to be 12. Who knows what tomorrow may bring?

Round ‘n round we go….where we stop nobody knows.

Man is on a never-ending quest for MORE, BIGGER, BETTER. In striving so, man invents foods that take seconds to prepare, that can last a lifetime, plus the gadgets and chemicals that make it so. Soon after, he has to re-invent inventions to counter the ill effects of the MORE, the BIGGER, and the BETTER—like diseases never before imagined, in proportions never before calculated. Again he “solves” the dilemma by concocting more drugs, which will later end up needing still more remedy drugs. He has created an “alternative” lifestyle, in no way resembling our ancestors’ original simple ways, the way Nature intended. In his pursuit of the BETTER, he has found MORE and BIGGER problems…… Of course, this is called PROGRESS.

Sure, we can always fish out pearls of wisdom from the titanic sea of knowledge on nutrition, health, and fitness. And indeed, they may greatly aid us through life in this planet. But the principles of a healthy life have prevailed, unmoved through time : eat moderately foods closest to their original form, in keeping with Nature‘s plans; keep the body regularly active, and live simply.

In short, simple living and high thinking.. The further we go away from this, the more unhealthy we become in body, mind and spirit. The further away we go from this, the easier to be swayed by every Dr. Quack, Crook, or Whammy. Thus, the greater danger that we may: get totally neurotic, or desperately frustrated, or dangerously confused.

A deep understanding of our magical connection with the entire ecosystem that is owned and controlled by the Supreme Designer will insulate us from media hype precisely programmed to control how we think and react. If we further this awareness, we can have faith that this world is not our real home, therefore we don’t need to try our hardest to stick around as long as possible. We can rest easy while we live simply in close conjunction with Nature’s laws, waste no time dwelling on things of the world, and find a truly MEANINGFUL existence.

Simplicity is the essence of beauty, and truth is beauty, beauty truth.

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