The New Cholesterol Busters

Your cholesterol is too high; you know it needs fixing. And lately, a slew of new supplements promises to slash cholesterol. Even the skeptics are curious: Are these new products worth a try?

You’re about to find out. We took a handful of the newest supplements to cholesterol and heart health experts and asked, “Do they work?” and “Are they safe?” Plus, we checked prices for a month’s supply of each. (Surprise: We found some supplements that actually cost more than prescription cholesterol drugs!)

In addition to the latest new products, don’t miss our experts’ important tips about using prescription drugs and older supplements aimed at lowering cholesterol. And remember: Taking a pill for high cholesterol won’t cancel out a careless diet and zero exercise. In the words of nutritional medicine expert David Heber, MD, PhD, director of UCLA’s Center for Human Nutrition, “These supplements aren’t magic pills, but they play an important role for people with high cholesterol after they have changed their diet and lifestyle.”

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