The Philosophy of Chakra Yoga: Seven Exercises

The most important concept of Chakra Yoga is the revelation that all things are one. Everything is interrelated and connected to the ALL. We are a part of our surroundings from the tiniest atom to the infinite Universes. Realizing this oneness is an experience far beyond words. It is to experience the source of Life, Energy, Love and Truths. Experiencing the ALL can be achieved through Chakra Yoga, which opens and unites all meridians and channels of energy. Chakra Yoga effects the release of blockage along specific meridian “points”.  This process frees one to the experience of true inner peace. Oneness encompasses ALL consciousness and energy/vibration flows freely through the body.

Exercise #1 – focuses on grounding and stabilizing the 1st or Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine. Sit on the floor , legs in front, knees slightly bent, place palms on the floor, push up and support your weight , gently bounce your buttocks off the floor, bounce nine times.

Exercise #2 – focuses on the 2nd or Sacral Chakra, located slightly beneath the navel. This Chakra develops creativity, sexuality and governs the adrenal system. Knees and palms to the floor, inhale slowly while lowering your back and raising your head, exhale slowly while rounding your back and lowering your head, create a smooth flowing rhythm, breathe nine times. This motion works the entire spine, lower back and abdominal area. Strengthening the Sacral Chakra will create patience, endurance and a greater sense of well being.

Exercise #3 – focuses on the 3rd Chakra, located slightly above the navel. This Chakra creates and develops ones WILL, transmuting doubt and indecision to self-esteem and confidence. Knees to the floor, sit on the heels, palms to the knees, slowly inhale while pushing your chest up and out, slowly exhale while rounding the back and shoulders, create a smooth flowing rhythm, breathe nine times. This exercise Effects the solar plexus, stomach, spleen, liver and gall bladder.

Exercise #4 – focuses on the 4th or Heart Chakra. This is the center of Love Compassion and Sensitivity. This Spiritual exercise can develop comprehension of the “Principle of Polarity” and reveal the opposing and conditional Natures of good/evil, right/wrong, heaven/hell. Take a comfortable Lotus Position on the floor, place your right hand under your left arm, place your left hand under your right arm, close your eyes feel your Heart beat, synchronize your Heart beat to your Breath, visualize a glowing, growing green light Spiraling from within, breathe nine times. The Heart Chakra governs the lungs.

Exercise #5 – focuses on the 5th or Throat Chakra. The Throat Chakra is the vibrational center of the body. This is the center for developing expression, communication and creativity. Developing this Chakra will create comprehension of the Principle of Polarity. Lie comfortably on your back and inhale deeply, exhale slowly while turning the head to the left, inhale slowly as the head returns to center, repeat on the other side, breathe nine times. This exercise opens points along the neck and stimulates the thyroid gland.

Exercise #6 – focuses on the 6th or Brow Chakra. This Chakra governs the pituitary gland, also referred to as the “third eye.” The Brow Chakra is the center for creating intellectual/psychic abilities, visualization and projection. Careful study of the Principle of Correspondence and development of the Brow Chakra will reveal the Nature of multidimensional realities. Take a comfortable lotus position on the floor, palms to the floor slightly behind the shoulders, fingers pointing back, tilt the head all the way back and create smooth flowing breath, visualize the breath as a Spiral of blue light, visualize the blue breath going in and out of the “third eye,” breathe nine times. This exercise also reveals the Cause and Effect of headaches.

Exercise #7 – focuses on the 7th or Crown Chakra. See and feel the top of your head. See the Spiral, feel the vibrations. Development of the Crown Chakra corresponds to comprehension of the Principle of Mentalism. The Crown Chakra creates and develops the experience of Universal Consciousness. When this spiralic vortex is opened one transcends the Effects of space and time. The pineal gland, located in the center of the brain, is the core of Crown Chakra. Take a comfortable lotus position on the floor, straighten the spine, palms to the knees, connect thumbs and index fingers, focus vision on the tip of the nose, relax and slowly exhale, inhale through the nose, fill the lungs in three quick/deep breaths, close the eyes and roll them toward the Crown Chakra, slowly exhale and visualize a Spiral of purple light growing from the Crown Chakra to envelop the entire body, keep the eyes closed, breathe and visualize nine times. The breath is will.

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