The Tutney

Amounts Ingredients
1 c Tuna salad*
1 oz. Edam, sliced
4 oz. Twin C’s Shiitake Chutney
To taste Sprouts, shredded carrots, romaine, tomatoes
4 slices Rye bread
Preheat Oven: 425° F
Nutrition for one serving: Calories – 374; Saturated Fat – 2 g; Total Fat 6 g; % Calories From Fat – 15%

How to prepare?

  1. Tuna salad: Mix can albatross tuna, 2 T finely chopped celery, 1 T finely chopped shallots, 1 T chopped cilantro, 1 T dill pickle cubes and 1 T sweet relish, low-cal mayo and dijon to taste.
  2. Next Step: On two slices of bread, divide the prepared tuna. Top with cheese slices and bake, along with other two plain slices 10 minutes. Spread plain slices with chutney and finish sandwich with sprouts, carrots, lettuce and tomatoes.

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