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Each land has its own vineyards for wine, and so has the grass for the cows that produce milk. The flavor and nutritional value of pasture grown in a particular land are transferred to milk and cheese made from it. Therefore the country you go to find cheese, if not the industry strove to create the largest and typing and production stable, do not always give the best quality.

It will therefore be preferable, if possible, buy cheese, “craft” to distinguish them a certain crudity, without weighing and labeling too perfect. In the purchase of cheese should rely on the honesty and sincerity of those who sell them, under that usually can be found in some specialty stores. All cities now have at least one. You can buy products ‘artisan’ cheeses especially since it is limited. This does not mean that some industrial products they have some merit. The cheese, like wine, must be a “living substance” and enjoyed the moment of its perfection, which varies from type to type. A cheese made from milk sterilized will have its own secure immobility, but rarely draw on the heights of deliciousness.

The ‘artisan’ French products, and especially the camembert and brie, should be distinguished from the word fermier which is written on the label.

But beware! Do not believe that a leaking or semi-liquid cheese is worthy of particular attention because of rich cream. The cheeses are generally leaking defective because they contain an improper proportion of water, as well as some aged cheeses with the drop denote lack of maturity. However, it is also true that persons with things can be loved for their faults as well as their virtues.

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