This Cheese Stands Alone

Low-fat cottage cheese and fruit for lunch. Good for your figure? Yes. Good for your bones? Not as good as lots of people thought … until now. When cottage cheese is made, the liquid whey, which holds most of the bone-building calcium, is removed. Only the solid curds are used. Now, however, Kraft has decided to enrich all of its Light n’ Lively nonfat and low-fat cottage cheeses with extra calcium. Great idea!

Ordinary low-fat and nonfat cottage cheese have only 70 to 100 milligrams calcium per half cup. New Light n’ Lively has 200 mg. calcium–that’s 20 percent of the Daily Value. (A cup of milk has 30% DV.) Light n’ Lively brand is sold only east of the Mississippi; now it’s time somebody starts making calcium-enriched cottage cheese for folks out West.

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