Tips for Great Grilling

Any type of fuel works. I like the combination of charcoal and wood. A few sticks or large nuggets of oak, applewood, maple, mesquite, hickory, alder, or pecan impart a light, smoky flavor to the food.

Tips for Great Grilling 1

Heat the grill to med-high. Position the rack at its highest level; wait until it’s completely heated.

Have vegetables at room temperature, so they cook evenly.

Wash and trim them; peel hard vegetables (potatoes, carrots) if desired. Tips for Great Grilling

Cut most types in half lengthwise. One broad, flat surface ensures complete cooking. Avoid thin slices and small pieces, which are difficult to handle and tend to fall through the grate.

Grill vegetables dry — no marinade or basting sauce — to avoid flare-ups.

Close the lid for hard, dense vegetables; leave it open for quick-cooking, tender ones.

Don’t blacken or overcook your veggies. Turn them when grill marks appear. Remove when the second side is just browned.

Use a long-handled spatula for turning eggplant, zucchini, and sweet potatoes. Long-handled tongs are fine for most other vegetables.

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