To be young and vegetarian

To be young and vegetarian is easier than it may seem. One must first see through all of the meat propaganda, misconceptions, and numerous pressures received by flesh-eaters that don’t know the facts.

Most of our parents consider themselves to be more intelligent but they are still being manipulated by the meat industry. They are satisfied believing all the ads paid for by the meat industry, and unfortunately they think it is the healthiest way to live.

If your parents are like mine than they may be totally angry about your decision to be vegetarian, like it’s a form of rebellion or you don’t like their cooking. And they even worry about your health. As always, the best defense is knowledge. I had to learn how to respond to my mother. Every time she would hear me cough or sneeze she’d say, “You’re not getting enough protein”. Well, it is quite easy to get enough protein from foods such as rice, beans, cereal, nuts, vegetables, and bread. Besides, most Americans actually get more protein than they should; that can cause serious health problems. My parents would also pretend to forget that I didn’t eat meat so they would continually say things like, “You don’t eat chicken either” or “Would you like some salmon, it’s not meat”. The best thing to do if you still live at home is to learn to cook vegetarian meals yourself and impress them by the taste. I went shopping with my mom and showed her easy meat-alternatives for her to pick-up for me. You must remember though, all the diet studies in the world won’t convince a parent who doesn’t want to be.

To be vegetarian means being health conscious, earth and animal conscious, and even karma conscious.

However, there is no use getting discouraged because our generation is the fastest growing group of people becoming vegetarian. It is always easier to follow through with being vegetarian if you have friends that are vegetarian as well. I enjoy planning meals with my friends, and learning about the different vegetarian foods to make. Not to say that if none of your friends are vegetarian you can’t be. In fact, why not start a trend in your close circle of friends. Originally, my fiancée was the only vegetarian in our social group, but within a year eight of us had joined the bandwagon. This says a lot about the consciousness of the young people.

To be vegetarian means being health conscious, earth and animal conscious, and even karma conscious. So why not join us and help to spread the word about how cool it really is to live the vegetarian lifestyle.

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