Toilet-training time

My two-year-old daughter is still in diapers. I have been trying to potty train her since she was one, but she still does everything on her diapers. Shall I let her decide on her own when to stop using diapers?

Most two-year-olds are still in diapers. In fact, the majority of children aren’t ready to begin toilet-training until the age of 18 months. Many aren’t even interested until between two and three years of age. At that point, if given: (1) the chance to see mom or dad using the toilet, (2) access to a small potty or potty seat, and (3) some positive reinforcement for effort and for success, most children will be potty-trained when they are ready. Avoid coercion – it will backfire.

Now that your daughter is two years old, I recommend that you leave the potty out for her to use and leave her alone for a while. Praise her if she tells you that she needs to use the potty even if she has already wet or soiled her diaper. That awareness is the first step to independent toileting.

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