Tomatillo Recipes – the celebrity star of Mexican Tomatillo Salsa

The Tomatillo (Physalis ixocarpa) goes in salsa or sauce by many names, including Mexican Green Tomato, Tomato Verde, Tomato de Bolsa, and Mexican Husk Tomato, and is the celebrity star of Mexican Salsa. Among the edible species of Physalis plants like Ground Cherry and Cape Gooseberry, they are enclosed in papery wrappings that look like Oriental lampshades.

Tomatillo Recipes - the celebrity star of Mexican Tomatillo Salsa 1

This dry, web-like parchment is easily peeled off revealing a fruit that may be purplish, yellow and, more commonly, green. Tomatillo is usually cooked to bring out their lemony-herbal flavor, and to soften their solid skins. They have become familiar and celebrated as the base for a myriad of Mexican, and now New Mexican, dishes, adding a citric edge and fresh body to fiery and fragrant sauces.

A delicacy cultivated by the ancient Aztecs, the Tomatillo is grown mostly in Mexico and Southern California and can be readily found year round in supermarkets, greengrocer or Latin shops.

Tomatillo recipes – Salsa Verde

Pick fruit that are dry and firm, with husks that show no blackness or mold. They do not have to give like regular Tomatoes in order to be good for usage, and store for extraordinary lengths of time in the refrigerator. Once cooked, Tomatillo also freeze well and make a handy quick tomatillo sauce or traditional tomatillo salsa verde when in a pinch for time.

tomatillo recipes for salsa and mexican souce

Traditionally chopped or purred, Tomatillo can also be used raw in a salad, gazpacho or guacamole. Combined with chili-peppers, garlic, onion, cilantro and lime, this fruit is hard to beat as the perfect base for tomatillo salsa, and enliven potatoes, tacos, enchiladas, cheese dishes and tofu dishes. Blend with pumpkin seeds,

You can also make a great green tomatillo sauce for vegetable stir-fries, and are fairly good providers of vitamin C and vitamin K. Husk off the thick skin, thoroughly wash off the sticky material near the stems, then poach in water until tender.

The ultimate roasted tomatillo potato dish is completed by adding olive oil, rosemary, Tomatillo and lime, and of course, some good friends around a warm dinner table to enjoy your new cooking experience with!

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