Earth secrets

Uncover the mysteries and secrets of our planet with our Earth Secrets category, featuring a collection of intriguing and informative articles and blog posts. From ancient civilizations and unusual geological formations to hidden ecosystems and strange natural phenomena, our content delves into the lesser-known aspects of our world, revealing its hidden treasures and wonders. Explore the science behind natural phenomena, such as weather patterns and tides, and learn about the impact of human activity on the natural world, including pollution and deforestation. Join us on a journey through unexplored cave systems, hidden underground networks, and little-known water sources, and discover the secrets of our planet that are waiting to be uncovered.

Main topics that are covered by this category:

  • Unusual geological formations and natural wonders
  • Hidden or little-known ecosystems
  • The science behind natural phenomena
  • Archaeological discoveries and ancient civilizations
  • Mysteries and legends surrounding certain geographic locations or landmarks
  • The impact of human activity on the natural world
  • Hidden underground networks and cave systems
  • Strange and unexplained natural occurrences
  • The role of geology and earth science in modern industry
  • Hidden underground water sources and aquifers

These are just a few examples of the main topics that could be covered in the “Earth Secrets” category, and the possibilities for exploration and discovery are endless!

Crooked Trees

As the twig is bent, so grows the tree. We’ll answer a reader’s question about why tree branches grow crookedly — instead of straight up toward the noon sun. “Why don’t tree branches grow perfectly …

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Darleane Hoffman

Since 1981, six new elements have been added to the Periodic Table found in every chemistry textbook. We talk with Darleane Hoffman — a pioneer in the search for rare, unstable elements. Darleane Hoffman is …

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Blue Crabs

It’s thought that life evolved in the sea, and the saltiness of most animals’ blood reflects this ancient history. How one marine species preserves the salt balance in its blood, even in nearly fresh water …

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Sky Dust

The sky is full of invisible dust that can help scientists study weather patterns, pollution, and the history of the solar system. But this dust isn’t just for scientists — kids are collecting and studying …

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Epsom Salts

Few could argue with the soothing effects of a nice, warm bath. And when you add epsom salts, a warm bath just might be even better. What some experts say about epsom salts. How does soaking …

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