You can make homemade bread dough with a “hard”- in the shape of the focaccia with the classic cross-cutting and cooking time vary depending on the volume. Oval loaves can be prepared with a single longitudinal incision or incisions with sticks crossed obliquely at a distance of four fingers of one another. With the soften dough we can prepare a king of bomblets, roll into balls then flatten slightly; practicing on them a notch in the cross-otter will be the michette.


A loaf of dough folded in half and rolled form the braid. The bowler can also take a slightly elongated shape or a sandwich form, which can be left as it is or incised lengthwise.

You can prepare small bomblets and sandwiches with a mixture of milk and butter (or oil or lard) and use them for mini sandwiches. Cooking times vary depending on the volume, from 8 to 10 or 15 minutes.

Various forms of bread

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