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Q: I am a 32-year-old, attractive, non-smoking, non-drinking woman with unbearable underarm odor. I shower daily with antibacterial soap, use a crystal stone, a stick deodorant/antiperspirant and powder – and an hour later I smell. What in the world can I do? This is really limiting my life!

A: I would look to your diet and your digestive system as possible explanations for your body odor problem. Most likely, you are having a problem with your metabolism and elimination of waste products; not with personal hygiene. Toward this end, I recommend a two-week detoxification diet regimen followed by a low-fat, whole-foods maintenance diet and supplementation.

Diet for underarm and body odor

underarm and body odor There are many different detoxification regimens. Your natural foods store clerk or natural health care practitioner may be able to help you with products – foods, herbs, etc. – aimed specifically at detoxification. In addition, I would take moderate amounts of acidophilus (2 capsules, 2 times a day) and a long-term daily fiber supplement.

In the short term (less than one week), try taking 1 charcoal capsule per day, which may help to absorb waste products from the system. During your two-week detox program, drink lots of water and take a sauna or steam bath at least three times a week.

Good luck, and remember that your body odor problem is probably caused by inadequate digestion, metabolism and elimination, not by poor hygiene or anything on your part. Try as much as possible raw food diet and I am completely sure that you will see results less than in one month.

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