Unexpected weight gain

Q: I’m a 25 yo female, normally 5’8 & 125 lbs. I’ve been trying to gain 5 lbs for a few yrs (I have a high metabolism, as well as a very healthy lifestyle -diet & exercise-wise. I’m also a non-smoker/non-drinker) I began taking herbal Grobust. I took it for only 2 wks. Ever since, I have put on weight, mostly in my stomach & below my butt-on the back of my legs.

Within the last 3-4 wks, my feet have gotten longer & bigger. Also, my nose & ears may have grown, & i may be taller (i’m not sure). Also, my 34B breasts have gotten smaller. I’ve tried upping my workouts, have maintained the same well-balanced diet, tried goldenseal, ultimate cleanse, & if anything, i’m getting more bulk on me.

I’m not overweight at all, but i REALLY miss my natural body. A physician told me the hormone precursors in grobust may have translated to testosterone as opposed to estrogen, & in time i should be back to normal.

My questions: what exactly happened to my body? Could grobust cause effects that last more than 3 months? how can i get my normal body back? when will i get my normal body back? this is very difficult for me to deal with, because i really like my natural body, A LOT, & now all my shoes are too tight, my rollerblades too, & i can’t afford new ones. i’m very upset, to say the least. i feel like i’m living in a nightmare. i know grobust has saw palmetto, & lipase, & many other hormone balancing/imbalancing herbs. Please, please, can someone help me understand WHAT happened, what i can do to get back to normal, etc?

unexpected weight gain

A: It sounds to me like the herbs probably did stimulate testosterone production in you that lead to weight gain. Contrary to popular belief, women do produce testosterone, just as men produce estrogen. It is also known that a person can have the body of one sex, and the chromosomes of the opposite sex. So my hypothesis would be that you have male chromosomes, and the herbs therefore stimulated your system to kick out more testosterone. The ingredient saw palmetto (sabal) would be the likely suspect. Did you also start developing extra hair, especially on the face?

I would definitely stop those herbs right away. Vitex (chaste tree berry) may help by stimulating the production of progesterone which can antagonize estrogens, which testosterone is formed from. Progesterone creams will do the same thing quicker.

Proving poioning will be difficult. You would have to find proof which includes vials of testosterone, a prescription she had for testosterone, or proof she had some other acess, an admission from her in front of a witness which is unlikely, or some other evidence. A lab test will confirm elevated testosterone levels, but proving the source goes back to the proof above.

If you think there is sufficient evidence to be found you can file criminal charges against her, and even file a civil suit. But again, without the proof you will not get very far.

You may want to check with people she knew to see if she had access to testosterone, and where she got it for starters.

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