Science Fact ~ Unidentified Flying Objects

Venus, Swamp Gas, Ball Lightning ? Space Aliens have landed on Planet Earth and a more enlightened public at large is taking note ! Some lights really are Spacecraft, with Aliens and everything, but they’re usually little Gray men in those famous Flying Saucers!

Science Fact ~ Unidentified Flying Objects 1

Wierd lights in the sky Legends of Elves and Magical deeds Gods who live in the Stars, the Sea or on Mountains Emmisaries or Messengers of “The Gods” bringing Truth from “Above”. None of this is tremendously surprising, or really very new at all to Humanity ~ although much of it has been subject to misinterpretation over the centuries. But, now that we’ve developed Technology of our own, we recognize a few dozen of the strange things that must have scared our Ancestors out of their minds !

No longer impressed with Fire, Flight or Fusion and daily utilizing mighty Electricity man sets out to discover, explore and “conquer” the Stars

Little does he know and less is he prepared to accept that they’ve already been explored by other people (Humans, even) from other worlds !

UFO Sightings

Highlighting and summarizing many of the major sightings from Roswell to Mexico City where, in some cases, thousands of witnesses have seen something silver, artificial and intelligently controlled with lights too bright and flight paths far too wild to have been made by 20th century humans ~ and these people know what they saw !

Alien Abductions

Despite all the flack they get for this, millions of people insist they’ve been abducted from their cars on an abandoned highway at night or even their beds while they sleep, for experiments (all carried out by strange gray bug like beings) some of them since they were children ~ and it even runs in families !

New Technology

Former workers at Area 51 have come forward with stunning information about what’s going on in Dreamland and underneath the mountains of Groom Lake, north of Las Vegas. Real Fying Saucers are being back-engineered by the US Government through very controversial and highly classified Black Projects and they’ve even begun to make a few of their own !

Coming Attractions ~ Brief Siriusly Visual UFOrmation

Just a few pictures to go with various articles that will be appearing on this website very soon !

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