University of Torture

Over the past year, a series of small protests occurred at the University of Toronto. Students and activists are in a rage because of ongoing animal experimentation in the U. of T. dental department.

One of the professors behind much of the unnecessary research is Barry Sessle. It just so happens that Mr. Sessle is not only a dentistry professor, but he is also the president-elect of the International Association for the Study of Pain. In other words, I would not want to be an animal in his lab. Approximately 40,000 animals in 1999 alone gave their lives to University of Toronto research, teaching, and testing.

Not surprisingly, the university is very private about the animals “used” by staff and students in lab experimentation. Perhaps it would generate bad press for the public to know what generously subsidized researchers are doing with dogs, cats, monkeys, goats, rabbits, and rodents.

“In other words, I would not want to be an animal in his lab.”

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