Glucophage, Actos and Avandia are first-line drugs because they lower both blood sugar and insulin levels, but Actos and Avandia may rarely cause liver damage. Get liver test every month while on them. High blood sugar levels cause terrible nerve and kidney damage.

Insulin is necessary to keep blood sugar levels from rising too high and causing nerve damage, but insulin can cause heart attacks by closing arteries, makes you hungry 24 hours a day and causes your liver to make more fat so it makes you fat. The treatment for diabetes is to lower blood sugar levels with as little insulin as possible.

Drugs to lower blood sugar increase insulin levels, except Glucophage, Avandia and Actos. Since blood sugar levels rise highest after meals, many doctors prescribe two drugs together before each meal. Since they do not call out extra insulin, they also do not cause blood sugar levels to drop too low. Many late-onset diabetics can be taken off insulin eventually by avoiding refined carbohydrates, eating lots of extra whole grains, and taking Glucophage, Actos or Avandia.

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