Varicose and spider veins

Q: I am only 14 years old and I already have dark spider veins. I am also getting varicose veins. (My mom has them too, but only when she is pregnant.) Can you help me? I am very embarrassed about them.

A: Several factors, or combination of factors, may explain the cause of your spider veins, including constipation, a low-fiber diet, heavy lifting, long periods of standing and poor circulation.

The good news is, there are measures you can take to keep the problem from getting worse. Try the following:


  • Start eating a high-fiber diet. 
  • Avoid heavy lifting and prolonged periods of standing. 
  • Raise feet on a foot stool when sitting. 
  • Get regular exercise. 
  • Supplement with vitamin C (1,000 mg. per day); bioflavonoids (1000 mg. per day); vitamin E (400 IU per day); and pycnogenols (150 mg. per day).

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