Vegetable refuser

My 2-year-old son absolutely refuses to eat his vegetables. When I do sneak some into his mouth, he spits them right back on his plate, the floor, or me. How do I get my son to eat vegetables if I can’t make him?

You said it: You can’t make him eat his veggies! Forcing the issue usually makes things worse. I suggest you serve him a small portion of whatever vegetable your family is eating at mealtime, and allow him to decide whether he’ll eat it – without pressure from you. Hopefully, your son is like most toddlers and eats fruits and drinks juices, so that should help to meet his nutrient needs. You can also give your son a children’s multivitamin supplement, if that’ll make you feel better about his nutrient intake.

Bottom line: If you encourage a variety of foods without stressing any one of them, he should come to enjoy vegetables eventually.

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