VITAMIN K – the production and repair of bone tissue

Vitamin K is used by the body for the production and repair of bone tissue, the production of osteocalcin (the protein that calcium crystallizes onto in the bone), the production of prothrombin (clotting agent in the blood) and helps to convert glucose into glycogen for storage in the liver.)

Natural Sources
Leafy green vegetables, alfalfa, blackstrap molasses, green tea, oatmeal, cabbage, kelp, rye, soybeans, wheat, cauliflower, safflower oil, cabbage, broccoli, asparagus and oats.

100 mcg

Deficiency Symptoms
Delayed blood clotting, increased bleeding or internal bleeding.

Overdose Symptoms
Can cause flushing and sweating.

* Not recommended to use during pregnancy, especially the last few weeks of pregnancy. * Consult your nutritionally oriented doctor before supplementing with vitamin K if you are taking anticoagulants, are lactating, or if you have liver disease or a genetic enzyme disorder. * Mineral oil, cholestyramine (lipid lowering drug) and neomycin may reduce the absorption and effect of vitamin K.

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