Walking after childbirth

I am eight months along and this is my first pregnancy. Even though I am walking slower and am not able to walk as many miles as I was a few months ago, I’d like to encourage all the pregnant women out there to walk and keep active during pregnancy. My question is, how long after delivery (assuming a regular vaginal delivery without complications) must I wait until I can resume walking?

Walking when you’re pregnant is a great way to keep in shape for delivery, as long as you and your doctor are aware that there are no complications.

As far as walking after delivery, again, set your own pace based on how you feel and what your doctor recommends. Since most people only spend a day or two in the hospital, and are home taking care of their babies right away, a walk will probably seem like a mini-vacation and a good time for the baby to take a nap in a stroller!

There are special strollers for walkers and joggers that will take roads, curbs and uneven ground in stride – check with your local sporting goods dealer. If she doesn’t have any, she can probably show you some in a catalog.

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