Walking with lower back pain

I’ve put on a considerable amount of weight and am experiencing lower back pain. I can only be upright for a few minutes at a time before the pain sets in, so walking is a real problem. I can walk for about 15 minutes, then I have to stop and stretch. It’s hard to feel like I’m getting any aerobic benefit when I work out this way.

If you’ve put on a lot of weight, then any amount of exercise is of benefit to you, your heart and your body. Don’t worry about getting aerobic benefit. Just concentrate on staying comfortable enough to put some time in – fifteen minutes may be plenty right now.

Walking with lower back pain

Try walking twice a day for 15 minutes. If bending over and getting a good stretch in your lower back helps, then stop several times and do that stretch to ease your lower back pain.

You might consider seeing your doctor or a physical therapist for more exercises to help your back.  To exercise is very important for your situation, but only a doctor who knows much better your situation can suggest you which exercises are beneficial and which not.

And watch your posture – try to stand tall and feel yourself lifting your upper body out of your lower body. We tend to slump and that puts pressure on the low back too!

Remember: Going slow is much better than not going at all! Your health it’s important and you should take care!

Walking with lower back pain


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