Walking with tendonitis – how to help myself

I have severe tendonitis in my right heel area. When I walk it starts to bother me, so my walking isn’t all that enjoyable. I’ve inserted supports, and heel cushions in my sneakers but nothing seems to alleviate the pain.

walking with tendonitis

My orthopedic doctor said there is nothing to help tendonitis but time. Do you have any suggestions?

Walking with tendonitis

Ask your doctor if you should stretch your calves to alleviate tension and pain in the heel area. This may help.

Try using ice after you walk. Try going short distances, spread out over time, rather than one long walk. And wait it out. Time-out does tend to heal tendonitis.

This condition can lead to a spontaneous healing or can persist and become chronic. While untreated, tendinitis can worsen and lead to serious damage to the tendons.

The first measure is recommended for tendon lesion is to apply an ice pack to the affected area for 1-2 days. After the first few days, it can be used hot compresses or baths that increase body temperature and improves blood flow causing muscle relaxation.

Tendinitis treatment is based on taking antiinflammatory, applied in the form of ointments or gels and pain medication.

Complete rest is rarely indicated. In fact, it has several drawbacks than advantages because it favors muscle atrophy and not decrease recovery time.

During recovery and the strengthening of tendons it is advisable to adequately hydrate, taking vitamins and medicines containing glucosamine sulfate.

Physical therapy can be very effective and important in the treatment of tendonitis. It appeals to ultrasound, analgesic current, laser, massage. In chronic cases that do not respond to treatmen, it may be needed surgery to repair tendons.

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