Wall covering trends – Referrals for 2014

We all agree with that well-know saying, ”don’t judge a book by its cover”, which may be easily applied when it comes to an exterior wall covering trends design as well. If the exterior matters visually, the interiors wall coverings matters both visually and emotionally, and when it comes to your own house, you cannot afford to be low-keyed.

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Professional painters and interior designers might provide several ideas in terms of wall covering, or you may use your imagination and create something unique. However, we are pleased to propose you some creative ideas for interior wall covering trends, which will definitely be to your liking.

5 Best Wall Covering Trends

1. If you’re looking for something posh, we recommend the Dent Cube porcelain tile. This is a mix of geometric shapes and colours, which provides a 3D effect. The model always comes with a hole on each piece of tile. This issue gives you the opportunity to fill that space by your own choice. You may choose the plain aspect, but we suggest filling the holes with: wood, plants, pictures, coloured glass or any other particular material. For a note of originality, you may also use corks, CDs, or coloured plastic.

2. For wall covering trends another one is the polished mosaic tiles, best suited for kitchen or bathroom. This is a coloured glazed glass which will brighten the whole room and it can also express your personality. For instance, you may choose a combination of glaring colours or gradient colour, or even images, like landscapes or cartoon characters. Just make yourself sure that the model matches the furniture or other applications from the room.

wall covering trends with polished mosaic tiles

3. The liquid wallpaper is another wall covering popular choice  and it’s also very practical, involving a DIY method. The material is packed in bags, ready to be used and applied to the wall as decorative plaster. It’s called liquid because one must add water before use. It comes in different colours, it’s easy to remove (you only need water and a palette knife). Creates a phonic and thermal isolation and it is also light resistant so it won’t fade in time.

After I changed jobs in London we had to look for a new apartment there. I found it pretty hard, and we had to stylize it. Frankly, from wall covering trends I liked this one, the liquid wallpaper and I painted the walls first (please see pictures below). Then I brought things with a man with a van london. The boys worked very professional!

4. If you are looking for eco-friendly techniques of wall decoration, you may go with wood covering for walls. The wood is a sound and thermal insulator, and keeps the place warm during winter and cool during summer. It also gives a “cottage aspect” and you may decorate the dining room walls with artisanal guns or synthetic fur. If you are looking for something elegant, go for horizontal planks, and you definitely must consider a white wooden wall.

wood covering for walls

5. For romantic-type people, we recommend the faux brick wall covering , which provides a vintage look to your room, especially with a fireplace included. It is best suited for a dining room, but nonconformist people use it on the bedroom walls as well. A faux brick wall covering looks exactly like an authentic full brick wall and it also highlights the architecture.

the faux brick wall covering trends

Why covering your walls when you can “dress them up”? If you want to try another DIY method, then you will need some fabric (canvas is the popular choice), scissors, nails, hammer, staple gun and decorative moulding. You may cover the whole wall or just a part of it. The best thing in this matter is that you can personalize the entire project by choosing any size, colour and pattern.

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