Want to step it up? Let the music in

My mother wants to find a selection of walking cassette tapes (without vocals) that address different levels of difficulty – beginning, intermediate, advanced, etc. – and relieve boredom on the treadmill. She’s also like a set that accompanies the three required exercise stages: warm-up, workout, and cool-down. Do you have any suggestions?

While there are many kinds of walking tapes on the market, my suggestion is that you find out what your mom’s favorite music is and get it for her on tape. Does she love big band music? Rock-and-roll? Opera? She’s more likely to improve her overall mood and avoid boredom if she listens to music she loves, rather than walking tapes.

However, the avid walker who wants to increase her speed through music does have options. The Medical and Sports Music Institute of America, for instance, has a great selection of medical and sports music. These tapes have the same music, but at paces that can lead you from a 20-minute mile to a 12-minute mile and faster. They’re great tools for people who want to focus on speed.

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