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Walk Away Diabetes

Walking briskly for 20 to 45 minutes three times a week can not only reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, but it can also help you control your blood sugar and manage your weight if you already have diabetes. Ultimately, that may help you to decrease your dependence on medication and to reduce your …

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Stop Overeating

In today’s super-size world, overeating is a major cause of the expanding waistline. So how do you tame your appetite and shrink your waistline? Enjoying food — not shunning it — is the answer. “We’re so focused on getting rid of fat that we forget the positive and pleasurable aspects of eating,” says Julie Waltz …

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Muscle and Metabolism

To make matters worse, slashing your calorie intake too drastically (under your body weight times 10 — so less than 1,300 calories for a 130 pound woman) can slow your metabolism even more. “When your body thinks the food supply is dangerously low, it goes into starvation mode and slows metabolism to preserve calories,” says …

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